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The first all-wheel drive e-bike in the hunting realm. This all new hill climbing monster comes with dual 500 watt motors for a full 1000 watts of power that is unrivaled on tough terrain.

500 Watts X2
Single Speed

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Built Rambo Tough

The Krusader 2.0 was the first AWD E-Bike to hit the market. When our customers demanded more power, more torque, and longer battery life we gave it to them! The Krusader 2.0 has been upgraded from it’s original model to give you all of those things! There is no hill or no terrain that this bike can’t handle! The Krusader 2.0 comes equipped with TWO powerful hub drive motors. It’s on demand power gives you the ability to switch between front wheel, rear wheel or AWD to best match your riding needs. Simply cruise around in rear wheel drive to conserve battery when on flat easy terrain, and with the quick click of a button, you can switch it over to AWD, and engage all the torque you need to pull yourself, and a load behind you on the cart. You wouldn’t purchase a Subaru to do AWD Truck’s job, so why would you do the same with your ebike.

Our Battery

To handle all the power the Kusader 2.0 comes standard with a 48V LG 20ah battery. This long-range battery gives you up to 57 miles of range! If that’s not enough, the frame is specially designed to allow the addition of a second battery allowing up to 97 miles of range! (See range chart below for more information). Not all eBike battery brands are created equal. Don’t take the chance of using an off-brand battery.

500 Watt Hub Motor 2X

The Krusader 2.0 is built around a specially engineered AWD drive system. Just like its big brother, the Megatron 2.0, the AWD drive system is capable of on-the-fly switching between Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, or All Wheel Drive. The dual Bafang motors create an amazing amount of power and combine to produce a massive 160NM of torque and 1500 Peak Wattage Output! You would never buy a truck without AWD, why would your E-Bike be any different? Another great feature of the Krusader 2.0 is the ability to adjust the motor according to your E-Bike Classification you prefer. Easily change between all 3 classifications of eBike laws. Don’t be fooled by other E-Bike companies using inferior motors to keep their price down. Many claim to use 1000W motors but only provide 55 N.m. of Torque. Torque equals Climbing Power, not wattage! Some motors are unnecessarily loud while some are whisper quiet. Some of the most expensive bikes sold have loud motors. Make sure you buy a bike that has a motor that aligns with your mission. Learn about the different types of motors and the pros and cons of each. Part of the benefit of using the AWD on the fly technology is the benefit of reliability. Break a chain in the back country? No problem, switch to Front Wheel Drive and pull your way out of there. The system also doesn’t use a derailleur, so if you are riding in tall grass, rugged trails, or around other debris there is no concern of a derailleur getting ripped off.

Key Technical Features

4″x2.5″ Full Color and Fully Integrated AWD Digital Waterproof LCD Display.
Single Speed
Logan HD-3500 Hydraulic 2 piston Front and Rear 180mm brakes with integrated electric safety cutoff.
Fully adjustable air suspension with a massive 120mm of travel
On demand AWD control while riding. Front wheel, All Wheel or Rear wheel at the push of a button
Right Handle Bar For Pedal Gears With Thumb Throttle For Electric Motor.

Full Specifications
Motor: Dual Bafang Motors G060, capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of eBike laws. Switch between power settings as needed.
Performance: Peak Rating 1500W, 160nm of Torque, nominal power of 1000W
Battery: 48v 20ah 960WH with LG branded cells
Range: Up to 57 Miles on single battery and 97 miles using dual battery technology! See range explained below
Speed: Up to 20mph
Display: Full Color & Fully Integrated AWD Digital Waterproof LCD Display. 4”x2.5”
Front Brake: Logan HD-E500 Hydraulic 2 piston 180mm pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
Rear Brake: Logan HD-E500 Hydraulic 2 piston 180mm pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
Suspension: Fully Adjustable air suspension with a massive 120mm of travel for off-road support and custom made to handle the extra power.
Tires: All Terrain Capable Kenda 26”x 4.0”, Tire with Anti Puncture Technology
Frame: High Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum
Throttle: Removable Right Thumb Throttle
Gear System: AWD System with Dual Chain Pivot Tensioner
Load Capacity: 350 lbs
Rim: Extreme Strength Double Wall Aluminum Alloy to prevent rim damage during off-road and rough trail terrain
Chain: KMC Branded S1. Specially made for high performance E-Bike power
Weight: 75lbs with battery removed. Battery weight 10.5lbs.
Model: Rambo Krusader 2.0 500X2K FF-VWC (TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo) and 500X2K FF-BFD (Matte Black & FDE)
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2 reviews for The KRUSADER 2.0

  1. Michel Oligny Verified Owner

    It took a while for me to decide between a Bukcou or a Rambo. What made me decide were the excellent reviews about Rambo’s customer service. And I must say, reviews were accurate. I have to thank Stephanie, office manager at Rambo Bikes Canada, for her patitence and efficiency. She replied to my numerous product inquiries on a promply manner and once decided on the Krusader, the bike was shipped the very next day. She also resolved the few issues I had very quickly and to my satisfaction. A friend of mine owns a Bushwacker and also experienced the same excellent customer service. Thanks again Rambo for proving that I took the right decision!

    Image #1 from Michel Oligny
  2. JEREMY HILTZ Verified Owner

    Powerhouse product and Phenomenal Support. Two small issues which Rambo.ca rapidly and promptly rectified!

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