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E-Bike Markets

The Unmatched Versatility of Rambo Bikes

Beach Living with an electric bike iconCottage Lifestyle

Beach Living

Picture yourself riding along the beach shore on various terrains and surfaces while the calming effect of the summer breeze certainly offers a refreshing alternative to busy city streets. Beaches may be free of traffic but they are the last place you think of for a bike ride…until now.

Rambo fat tire e-bikes defy the laws of traction and discomfort, and allow you to explore thousands of kilometers of shoreline in complete comfort using as much or as little of your own power as you want.

Sunset at the beach with Rambo electric bike and trailer with fishing poles
E-Bike Eco Tours iconBike Tours


Tourists are flocking to family-friendly coastal shores, historical sites, and wine regions to explore their stunning natural areas. And they are looking to explore these regions by bicycle.

This renewed interest in cycling is changing the shape of eco-tourism. Destinations that already have improved conditions and trails for tourists who bicycle are increasingly seeing more opportunities to attract tourism dollars. By simply adding e-bikes to your operations, it allows for even more revenue opportunities.

Two people in the forest on e-bikes on an Eco Tour
camping icon for electric bikesUnder the Stars


A Rambo fat tire e-bike was built for camping as it allows you to carry more gear with greater ease and convenience. You get to choose how much work you want to put into it. Easily tow a trailer packed with tents, essentials, and cooking ware.

Add cargo racks and saddle bags to your Rambo electric bike and easily haul even more gear into your favourite spot. But best of all, you still get to experience all the pleasures of the outdoors on two wheels and the feeling of freedom that comes with camping trips.

Rambo e_Bikes are awesome for camping trips
Ride the Trails on an E-BikeRide the Forest


Get excited about the potential to ride your electric bike anywhere you dream. The wide tires offer flotation when rolling through mud, sticks, and leaves. Especially handy for riding around obstacles on your favourite trails and curiously following creek beds and abandoned trails wherever they may lead you.

No other bikes climb as well as fat tire mountain bikes and by reducing your tire pressure you also lower the chance of a puncture. You can stay prepared on the trails with our Portable Tool Kit & Flat Attack.

Man riding on Rambo e-bike on trails in the forest
Fishing deep into the woods with an E-BikeDeep Into the Woods


Regardless of whether you’re looking to fight-with-a-bass or dance-with-a-trout, fishing is a beautiful pastime. Riding a bike to access it makes it an even better one. But, riding a fat tire e-bike from Rambo to access it, even trumps that.

Fish live in so many places, so if you can get to that isolated spot your chances of catching a monster go up. Tow your rods and cooler in our exclusive fishing cart to your favourite fishing hole, to your nearest beach for shore fishing, or across that frozen lake.

Man fly fishing in the river with his Rambo e-Bike and fishing trailer
Hunting with an E-Bike is amazingGain an Edge


As hunters we are constantly faced with trying to remain stealthy in our travels whether we are looking for sign, checking trail cameras, or trying to close the gap on the target. ATV’s, golf carts, and trikes are noisy and smelly. Our fat tire e-bikes and accessories are incredibly useful hunting tools.

It’s quiet and fast, it’s agile and sleek, and it’s a beauty to load and unload. Power? It’s got plenty of torque to haul out even the biggest trophy and game doesn’t seem to spook as easily when riding by.

Woman using binoculars to scout for game while hunting with Rambo e-Bike.
Individual and Corporate Uses

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