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Why Rambo Bikes?

So. Many. Reasons.

Not sure if a Rambo Electric Bike is right for you? Take a look at their impressive features and benefits in these videos below.

Information and Reviews

Rambo Epic
Rambo Fly Fishing
Rambo Elk Hunting
LCD Display Review for all XP Bike Models
BBS02 Motor Review – An overview of why we use Bafang motors
LCD Display Review for all 750 Bike Models

Bike Specification Videos

Rambo 1000XP Carbon Bike Specs
Rambo 1000XP Camo Bike Specs
Rambo 750XP Carbon Bike Specs
Rambo 750XP Camo Bike Specs
Rambo 750 26″ Camo Bike Specs
Rambo 750 24″ Matte Black and Tan Bike Specs

Assembly and How To Videos

Rambo 1000XPC Bike Assembly
Rambo R750XP Carbon 9 Speed Assembly
Rambo 750XPC Camo 3 Speed Bike Assembly
Rambo 750 26″ Bike Assembly
How to Install Your Rambo 750 Coil Suspension Fork Upgrade
How To Adjust Your Rambo Bike Brakes